BiDOGE System

BiDOGE will be rug-proof with Hyperdeflationary and the AutoBOOST technology, which means that BiDOGE will automatically follow every sell with a buy to prevent large sell-offs.



With 12% buy fees, BiDOGE will distribute 4% of each buy to the token holders, 4% goes into the buyback fund, and 4% into the marketing/development fund.

With 20% sell fees, BiDOGE will distribute 8% of each sell to the token holders, 8% goes into the buyback fund, and 4% into the marketing/development fund.


4% of each buy is distributed to the BiDOGE holders


8% of each sell is distributed to the BiDOGE holders



Please read and understand why BiDOGE is the token to support our community. Please recommend us to your friends too and get a chance to enter the airdrop contest.



Get the BiDOGE token and start reaping its reward. HODL to the moon.

Presale is live!

*Do not send BNB to the contract address

Contract Address:






The BiWOOF app will help dogs make new friends. Users can register their dogs' information while signing up. Anyone who uses the app can see other dogs on the map and can decide to link them.



The BiWOOF app will let users sell their NFTs. There will be no tax on traded NFTs. We are currently contacting HABBY games production to develop a game for dogs with a BiDOGE theme.



People can make direct donations to animal shelters and gain more BiDOGE tokens as rewards. The app will provide information about dogs and let users view any dog in AR (Augmented Reality) with integrated AI.


Phase 1

  • Launch Social Media Sites
  • Website Launch
  • Apply for CG and CMC Listing
  • Begin Marketing on Social Media
  • Third-Party Audit
  • Press Releases Announcing BiDOGE
  • Listing on CMC and CG

Phase 2

  • Engaging Social Influencers
  • Community Partnership
  • Expand Team for Future Development
  • Online Marketing Drive
  • First Donation to Decided Charity
  • First event for the community

Phase 3

  • Development of applications
  • Build Additional Partnerships
  • Launch BiDOGE's Merchandise
  • Multiple Online Ads
  • Offline Marketing Initiatives
  • New Listings like CEX, BlockFolio

Phase 4

  • Community Vote for additional projects
  • Release of BiWOOF app
  • Enhanced Marketing Effort
  • Development of BiWOOF 2.0
  • Billboard Ads in Strategic Areas


Why BiDOGE ?
  1. BiDOGE token will support large volumes of investors, generates healthy returns for participants, helps raise money for stray dogs, and recognize the LGBTQ community. The main idea is to support the BiDOGE community with innovative and fun ideas.
  2. BiDOGE will be Hyperdeflationary and the AutoBOOST token, which means that BiDOGE will automatically follow every sell with a buy to prevent large selloffs. In addition to faster transaction speed, BiDOGE will be invulnerable to cyber-attacks.
  3. There is no free team token or pre-sale. We will actively run campaigns to help those suffering from the Covid pandemic in small countries like India, Nepal, and others. Contact us to do any charitable campaign together. We take no fees.
How can I buy BiDOGE?
BiDOGE is holding DxSale on 13th August at 4 pm (GMT-4).
Can I be a volunteer or start a partnership with BiDOGE?
Definitely. We need every help we can get so we can get BiDOGE to the moon together. Connect with us on any of the social platforms.

None of this website's information should be constructed as providing legal or financial advice. Please note that there are always risks associated with smart contracts. Please DYOR. BiDOGE Token is not a registered broker, analyst, or investment advisor. If you are willing to or have purchased BiDOGE, you agree that you are not purchasing a security or investment. The BiDOGE team can not be held liable for any losses or taxes you may incur. You also agree that the team is presenting the token as it was launched, and due to it being renounced, it can not be changed. Do conduct your due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.